I’m Marika – a creative director, content curator, and brand builder. Born and bred in Seattle WA, currently living in Southern CA.

I’m passionate about helping you align your brand’s aesthetic with your purpose. That means getting down to the roots of your business and communicating your story through meaningful design, content and more. My goal is to help you create a brand that isn’t just beautiful, but speaks to your people.


brand concept, logo suite, visual identity, materials, website design, development and more.


brand photography, brand video, media kits, email campaigns and more.


helping you tell your brand story, keep your visual identity compelling, and launch that new thing you offer.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask! Most projects are personalized just for you and your brand – please reach out and we can chat before receiving a quote!

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I get that a lot from the incredible people I get to work with – biggest compliment ever. Plus, it makes what I do that much better. I love helping people + businesses find their voice and create a brand to match their vision.

Wondering how we can work together and make some creative magic? Send me a direct email to hello@marikaberoukas.com or fill out the contact form below and I’ll be  in touch soon!